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June 7, 2012
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"What are you doing awake?"  You could feel the rolling of your partner's eyes already, without even turning around in your seat.  Without a care, Mathias padded into the small kitchen towards the coffee pot, reaching for a mug out of the cupboard as he went.  He pulled out a pink one, littered with hearts: your Valentine's gift from your close friend, Feliciano.  He didn't even notice the color and started to prepare the caffeinated drink.

You watched your boyfriend closely, noticing as he bustled around the flex of his shoulders, the muscles rippling along his back.  You can clearly see the strength underneath his hardened flesh, all the way down to the waistband of his plaid pajama pants.  You wondered to yourself how you even landed a man such as him, when he could have anyone he wanted.

You weren't ugly, of course.  But you had nothing special that made you stand out from other twenty-year-olds.  Sure, you had (hair color) hair that was a nice (hair length), and you figured you had a pretty good skin complexion, and some even told you that you had a nice butt!  But your biggest insecurity was that you were curvier than most of your girlfriends.  You had a bigger chest, bigger hips, bigger bottom, and you didn't exactly have dainty arms or legs.  It made you quite insecure when you went out to the clubs with your girls.  All the men flocked to them, and you were usually stuck drinking down a Vegas bomb by yourself.

But then, somehow, Mathias fell for you.  The bigger girl.  The naturally unflirty one.  And yet, he still picked you.  It made you wonder sometimes, why he asked you out instead of your much more gorgeous friends.  And it bothered you, too.  You would lie at night, wondering if the only man you had ever loved would leave you for someone prettier, someone skinnier, which is why you were up at 2 in the morning, drinking a small glass of water.

"I couldn't sleep.  I decided not to toss and turn and wake you up since you have work tomorrow but…  I guess that failed."  You let out a small laugh, taking a long gulp of water to soothe your throat.  The tears that threatened to spring forth burned at your body.  Mathias ran a hand through his gravity defying hair, sighing frustratedly.

"You know I can't sleep if you aren't next to me," he grumbled, crossing his arms.  While you were lsot in your thoughts, he had started to brew his special coffee mix, and you could hear the quite annoying sound your cheap coffee maker heating up and getting ready to make some of the black magic drug.  He looked to you, blue eyes piercing your (eye color) ones.  "______, you know that when you leave the bed, I wake up too.  It feels… odd without you in my arms."

You smiled at your boyfriend, taking another sip of water.  "Sorry, I know.  I just can't help but wonder why you didn't pick someone better than me."  There was a pregnant pause, and the blonde looked away.  You feared that your worst nightmare had come true.  He didn't want someone like you.  He wanted someone prettier.  To calm yourself, you clasped your hands together tightly, keeping the smile tacked onto your face.

"How could you think that?"  Mathias' voice startled you.  You looked up to see him standing above you, looking down to you.  "How could you think that I would want someone better, when you're the best I can get?"  He crouched down to your level and took your face in his hands.  With this, the ears started to leak from your eyes, but Mathias wiped them away gently with his thumb.  "You are the best there is, ______.  I can't get anyone better than you.  There is no one."

You pulled away from his grasp and furiously rubbed the tears away with your fist, hiding your face away from him.  "But… I'm not pretty.  I'm not gorgeous like the other girls.  And I'm fat.  I'm not model skinny.  I never will be."  At your words, he pulled your wrists away angrily, and moved his face to yours, both of your noses touching.  He stared you down hard, watching as the flow of tears did not stop.

"Don't you dare say that again," he growled at you.  "You are more than beautiful.  You are more than gorgeous.  You are captivating, enrapturing, alluring.  You are ravishing.  You are stunning; striking.  Don't let anyone ever call you pretty, because you are more than that."  He kissed your cheek softly before continuing.  "And you are not, and never will be fat.  You are perfect in every way, every curve.  Your body is overwhelming, ______.  You, are overwhelming."  He kissed your other cheek, then took your face in his hands again.

"Mathias…  You don't have to say—"  He cut you off with a hard kiss to your lips, silencing you.  It was a passionate kiss, one that sent your head spinning as your boyfriend of two years sucked lightly on your bottom lip, nibbling on it.  You granted him entrance, and let his tongue explore the cavern of your mouth, before he pulled away to rest his forehead against yours.

"My ______, you are so much more than you could ever imagine." He sighed, then leaned up to kiss your forehead.  You smiled at him and hugged him tightly around his neck, burying your face in his shoulder.  The moment was nice until the coffee pot shrieked, signaling that Mathias' coffee was ready.  He chuckled and pulled away from you to pour himself a cup.  As he did, you wiped away a few more tears that had decided to fall from happiness.

The blonde man turned back to you and placed his coffee on the table, before lifting you and setting you back down in his lap, one arm wrapped securely around your waist, the other lifting his mug to drink from.  You sighed in sheer bliss and leaned back against him.  He handed you the coffee, and you took a sip of the deliciously brewed liquid, moaning at the taste.  He chuckled, resting his chin on your shoulder as you gave him the mug back.  "That's really amazing, Mathias.  Why do I never get any?"

"You never asked," he told you, planting a soft kiss on your shoulder.  You shivered slightly at the feeling, biting at your lip.  You again wondered how you had landed such a great man, then remember all the things he had told you.  No one had ever said anything like that to a plain girl like you, and it made you extremely happy.

"We should go back to bed, hm?"  You nodded, before shrieking in surprise as your boyfriend lifted you into his arms, one hand under your knees and the other around your back.  He carried you out the kitchen and through the halls to the quaint bedroom the two of you shared, before setting you down softly and laying beside you.  You smiled once again as he wrapped his arms around you tightly, pulling you to him.

"And by the way, my ______, I don't share coffee with anyone but the one I love."  That was enough to make you turn in his arms and kiss him senseless.
Hello! This is my first reader insert and also my first deviation! I'm really excited to be on this site, and I hope to make a lot of friends.

I really hope you like this. I have many body issues, and I thought I would touch on this for romance. I wish Mathias, or any guy in general, would say this to me!

Hope you love it!

I do not know Denmark or you!
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shigurefan101 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014
ErrorMacchiato Featured By Owner May 9, 2014
I love this kind of stories - ones that don't describe the reader as a skinny goddes of gorgeousness because, let's fucking face it, we're not all like that!! Excellent work!!
Keya-Mustang16 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Great story!! I loved it!! But I did find one small spelling mistake that is a little humorous:  With this, the ears started to leak from your eyes, but Mathias wiped them away gently with his thumb.  "You are the best there is, ______.  I can't get anyone better than you.  There is no one."

Still, great story!
KryoriMai Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ooohhhhh! I feel all warm inside now
xXHitsujiChanXx Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This was amazing it made me feel better about myself I have a-lot of body issues and 0% confidence in my looks and otherwise anyway this story was amazing!~
HetaliaQuartet Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I really liked this. I'm not exactly as described in the story but I do have insecurities about a few things mentioned. It made me feel good about myself... Thanks :)
- Prussia
Sweetiepie14 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm not quite as curvy as described in the story, but im pretty close, and this is a fear i have, possibly due to the fact that im always the one dumped. This story feel awesome. Best word i can come up with.
graphicnovellife Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013  Student General Artist
thanks for putting this out here for big girls like us ;w; society really forgets that we're just as sexy and in need of love.
Natural-Causes3141 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013
Awww! :3
ImmaNinjaPplz Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2012
... It's 2 am, and I cannot contain meh squealing!!!!!!!!! :iconmoemoeplz:
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